Neiman Marcus - Horchow Furniture Manufacturer Help

4381919July 31, 2012
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This chest is imported by Neiman Marcus and is offered in their Horchow line. Very few people inside NM even knows who the source or manufacturer is, they source from a very wide range of companies/countries. So the chance you finding this info is very slim. Sorry, but if you look at their other products, those not imported will usually have the manufacturers name.

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Hi, Secret sources is one of my favorite interior designer skills! That's the Katie chest from World's Away and NM and Horchow just sell on their website. World's Away is the top manufacturer of mirrored furniture but they sell only to trade members (stores and interior designers). There are a lot of cheaper replicas on the market but World's Away is the real stuff. They have gorgeous pieces! I sell a lot of these chests and nightstands to clients. Since, this piece ships from the manufacturer to you anyway, PM if you want me to look up pricing and shipping costs. I can usually get much better prices for design clients than online retail sources.

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You should take online help. From there you can get proper guidance. I have purchased Mirror chest from online store and its attractive and at very affordable rates.

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Hi I am desperately trying to find the manufacterur for the Black Nicolette Bedroom Set recently discontinued from Horchow.........PLEEEEEEZ DOES ANYONE KNOW??

Thanks in advance!

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This bed is made by Pulaski. Hope this helps :)

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Can anyone help me find out who makes this furniture set? The link shows the only a small picture of the desk and credenza. How are you supposed to see if you want to buy the item with a picture like this? From zooming in on this desk, it looks like a nice quality desk! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: horchow desk set

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How about the Warner Linen Sectional?

I'd like to order it, but I have no idea how comfortable it is. Would like to find one in a store that I can actually try out... Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Warner Linen Sectional

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Need help finding out who makes this bed.

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