Garage lighting

sconti_95February 7, 2012

Have inadequate lighting in our large 3 car garage. Ceilings are 12 feet and contractor only installed two 48" fluorscent light fixtures on the ceiling. What is the best way to increase lighting? Want to improve appearance of garage as we are going to re-do the floor, add TV, refrigerator, install lift to stack two collector cars in single stall, etc. Lighting will be the first step in this renovation. Was thinking of pot lights, but was told they would not give adequate lighting unless I had a load of them installed. Would like to hear some thoughts from you all before meeting with the electrical contractor. Thanks !!

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I would suggest more 48" fluorescent fixtures, but switched in banks that allow you to light portions of the garage. For a two car garage with 10 foot ceilings, I did three banks for four two-tube fixtures that were switched separately. One bank was at the front, one bank in the middle and one bank at the back. If you wanted to work on anything, you had lots of light. I also put in LOTS of receptacles as well, on a variety of circuits. If you put a sheet of plywood or something along the wall, you can easily cover a plug in. I also put the receptacles at a height of about 33 inches rather than down low, and several in the ceiling for door openers and in case you want to hang a trouble light or drop cord. I ran two circuits (not split receptacles, but an A - B - A - B etc.) along the front where the work benches were located. You never know how much stuff you have plugged in - battery chargers, grinder, clock, etc. along the front.

Just some ideas.

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bobbymac: Thanks for the quick response. Liked your suggestion on the three banks as well as your other good tips. Going to share your suggestions with the electrical contractor on Thursday of this week and get him thinking. Thanks again !!

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Just as a follow up, when I wired the garage at my former residence, I installed a sub-panel in the garage and also had one - 220V receptacle just in case I wanted it for a compressor or welder. I also had an overhead natural gas furnace to ward off the -40 degree temperatures. I put some outside GFI receptacles on separate circuits so that I could plug in block heaters on cars without blowing the circuits. If you are in Florida, you can ignore the comments about the block heaters.

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