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mbaldwinFebruary 19, 2013

I am reframing my gable end garage wall to put in a walk in door. The current garage door is not even centered on the wall. There was not even a header installed. I know it is not a load baring wall, but still, I would think there would be something there. The current door is a 10 foot fiberglass piece of junk for a door. The door opening is 114 inches.

Should I stay with the 10 foot door, or go to a 9. I can not find 10 footers on HD or Lowe's website, so do they make them anymore, or do I have to go to a garage door company to get it?

is it worth going to an 8 foot height door? the garage is 16 wide by 22 deep with 11 foot ceilings.

The current wall is framed with 2x8 because of the 8 inch wide block. My plan involves removing the block back to the corners and framing with 2x6 and using a treated bottom plate.

With a 12 inch divider between the garage door and wok in door, I figure that will give me 4 inches on each end, keeping everything centered. Will that be fine, or should I make the divider smaller to have more room on the ends?

Would sistering 3 2x12 16 foot be enough header to span the 16 foot garage width? Or could i get away with sistering 3 2x8's instead.

this work does not need to be inspected where I live.


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