garage floor - travertine pavers

mtbr7February 20, 2013

I had a travertine paver patio installed and ended up with a large amount of left over pavers. They are sitting in my garage. I'm thinking of laying the extra pavers in the garage (there are plenty to cover the entire floor). For the patio we sand set the pavers. The garage floor is concrete and I believe I could mortar the pavers but I'm not sure I want to. Would it be possible to sand set the pavers over the concrete floor? Would there be drainage issues? Obviously, the garage is enclosed so I don't imagine large amounts of water would ever get in but you never know. I don't imagine that anyone has done this before but was hoping to get thoughts and opinions. Thanks.

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Sophie Wheeler

You want to put a weak stone that stains easily and is soft underneath a 4000 lb vehicle that drips things that etch and stain and whose tires will also stain it? And to just put sand in between the stones to set it?

Travertine barely belongs in a home. It NEVER belongs in a garage.

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Thanks for your feedback. You make some great points. My intent is to use the garage as more of a playroom than a garage. Thanks again.

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