Broyhill fabric sofas and chairs

mpp798July 9, 2008

I made the mistake of buying very expensive living room furniture which became dated because of the fabric choices that were popular at the time. It would cost more than I want to spend to have it all reupholstered. I will probably get a few hundred dollars for it on Craig's list although it still seems brand new. Now I want to buy something inexpensive. I have found a 99" couch "Amy collection" and some chairs that I like from Broyhill. The sofa is only $800.00 which seems really cheap to me. What do you think of Broyhill? It will be in a room that won't get a lot of use. I would choose the highest grade fabric to go on it and the chairs. I haven't been able to find any reviews on the brand on the web. Thank you.

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Broyhill offers a decent value for the price. Construction is usually integrated plywood with sinuous wire seat supports. Generally they use less expensive, less durable foams and fibers than I would like. Broyhill has dropped quality and prices over the last few years I believe they are targeting Ashley Furniture more as their competition. I sell Broyhill and have very few complaints overall. Also they are very good about taking care of warranty issues and problems that may occur. Hope this helps and best of luck to you! I am speaking of Broyhill's living room furniture only as I am not of fan of their case good products (i.e. dining and bedroom).

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Go find Smith Bros. of Berne that I was looking at today (at a furn. store that really deals good prices) and I can get a fabulous leather chair that reclines (like a regular Lazy Boy but has no big wood handle, a round disk under the armrest to make you recline)-no foot rest but you put your feet up on a big half moon ottoman. It has pictures on their site. It was in leather and absolutely a dream to SIT IN. Their fabric choices were unbelievable also and less than the leather. In leather for the two it would be $2000 which is a darn good price & nice fabric about $1500. The # I was looking at is 932. Go look on their site. This furn. is like Flexsteel, and the old Berne (no longer in business he said) and some of the other good furniture through the yrs.

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I have had quite a bit of Broyhill through the years and just recently purchased a sectional in the microfiber fabric. It's great, pet hairs come off quickly with lint brush. I've always had good luck with Broyhill.

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I just replaced Broyhill furniture; sofa, loveseat, chair and tables that I bought 20 years ago. I wanted that furniture to wear out so badly, so I could justify buying new. I gave in, because it would not wear out! Other than some wear dirt on the sofa the structure and fabric looked brand new when I passed it on to someone else. This furniture made it through the years of raising a son and his many friends.

I don't think you will be sorry and $800 is such a good price, you won't feel bad in a few years when you want a new style. :)

Good luck, Crystal

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Do not buy from Broyhill. Their quality is very poor and it is made in Mexico, China and ours was made in Taiwan. Broyhill has a policy of no returns or exchanges. Once you buy, you are stuck with it. Also, when we were buying our bedroom suite the sales lady told us that only one piece of furniture would be a floor model. However, when I looked at the invoice after, she had put floor model at the bottom of the invoice meaning that all of it was a floor model. You would think that being 70yrs old that I would look at what I was signing, but this was BROYHILL and I thought they had a good name. DO NO BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE and check them out with your local Better Business Bureau. Here, in Coquitlam, B.C., Canada they have an F rating, the lowest you can get.

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