Air compressors - filter question

pjb999February 4, 2009

When I went for the first time to Princess Auto (a Canadian institution) I had a bit of a field day, and bought some air accessories, including a filter. I have a cheapie oilless baby compressor and a finishing nailer and stapler, and I've reasoned if the air (esp from a cheap compressor) is a bit dirty, it's going to wear the tools more. I am careful to oil them, but figured I'd throw this filter on the setup more or less for fun. Not sure how long a filter is good for, and whether it should go on the compressor end, or the tool end, or not at all. Thoughts?

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You want to filter the air coming into the compressor.

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I agree with mike kaiser....and yes,in my opinion, a filter is worth the effort. I don't know the type you have....I used one of those foam "cut to fit" filters. When it looks dirty, I take it off and bang it against my leg a couple of times and put it back on. In my environment, I've only had to do this about 2 times a year. You should pull the tank drain plug often to get the water out.

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That makes sense, I don't know if there is any sort of filter on there now, but the filter I have now is made to be installed in the line going to the tool, ie on the compressor output. One obvious use would be for blower wands if you are repairing sensitive equipment, so you are not blowing contaminants everywhere....

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