Stolen car & Craftsman Garage door opener

bunmanFebruary 19, 2006

Hello Everyone, I recently had one of our cars stolen and it contained a Sears Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage door opener. I still have one remote opener as well as a Homelink system in my Suburban. I erased the codes in the remote opener by holding the learn button for 6 seconds til the green light went off. I then changed the numbers on the door opener. I then programed the door openers again by pressing the remote and then the learn button. When the garage door light flicked off it woudld be programed. Both the door openr and the Homelink work. My question is.... have I replaced the codes now? so that the stolen one will be rendered useless?

Thanks for your input.

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bunman unfortunately the answer is no. The codes are in the remotes. When you erase the memory and then reprogram you are teaching the receiver to recognize that same code. The only guaranteed way is to purchase 2 new remotes. The Homelink system will be okay to use.

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Thanks Don for your help. Since the one remote is gone, would it be best to just buy a new garage door opener? If I were to purchase new remotes, wouldn't the stolen one still work as well?

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I missed one sentence in your original post. You stated you changed the numbers on the garage door opener. I'm not sure I know what that means. Does your opener have dip switches that you changed? Or did you change the PIN number for your wireless keypad?

Anyway, if you purchase new remotes and then hold that button in for six seconds it erases all codes from the memory of your receiver. Then program everything except the remaining original remote. This will eliminate the stolen remote from working.

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The responses here don't jive with my experience but maybe I'm missing something. But I have a Chamberlain, so maybe its different. When I pressed the learn button for 6 seconds (thereby resetting it), none of my remotes work until I then set a new code for each of them. What I would do before buying 2 new remotes would be to test what happens to the remotes after you clear the codes. Press and hold the learn button for 6 seconds till the lights flash. Test your remotes (don't set a new code for them). If they do not work, I would think that the stolen one also doesn't work. If you then set a new code for the remotes you DO have, theoretically only those remotes should work. But maybe there's something I don't know.

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drmeow if you have older remotes with dip switches then what you say is true but they have been outmoded for years. If you have the newer remotes without the switches you are accomplishing nothing. You are erasing the memory of the receiver so that it doesn't recognize any code. Once you program it with the same remotes you are putting the same codes back into its memory. You haven't accomplished a thing.

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Hi Don,

Thanks for the clarification. So I guess that means that the 2 remotes that came with my 1-year old opener have the same code? So, if I erase the memory of the receiver and then reprogram it with only one of those remotes, the other one would also work without me having to program it?

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Not necessarily. They may have different codes from the factory. The receiver can learn and remember several codes. The model number of your opener looks something like this: 139.XXXXXSRT1 or 2. The SRT stands for "smart receiver technology". The more I know about these things the more I admire the engineers that design them.

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If the remotes are rolling code type, resetting everything means the old units wil no longer work.
If you have the dip switch variety, changing the settings means the old one will no longer work.
The rolling code remotes are not on the same code path. The code reciever needs to be trained to recognize each and every remote. Once cleared, none of the rolling codes should work until you reload the ones you have. An unloaded unit wil not operate the door.
If you have smoe other technology, you should update it to rolling code for security. Every system I have seen has rolling code now. TI designed the chips and they are as cheap as dirt.

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