Help - Erratically functioning Liftmaster

beezer911January 19, 2008

Hello all,

Here's one you don't get everyday, I hope you can help me out. My Liftmaster started functioning erractically today. It will open various distances and just stop at various heights. This all started when I walked under it while it was opening and nailed my head on the bottom of the door - hard enough to make the door stop (yes - this hurt quite a bit). If I disconnect the door, the trolley seems to go back and forth just just fine - the problem occurs only when the door is attached.

Can jarring the door upwards, while it is opening, damage something specific in the opener? Any help on what to focus on first would really be appreciated.

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You would have to have a pretty hard head to do any significant damage to the door or opener. Lift your door manually. If it is heavy for you, then it is heavy for the opener as well and that is why it is stopping on you. On the back of the unit there are two dials with numbers running around them. One is the up force and the other the down force. Turn the up force up a number or two until the door opens consitently. If the door is heavy for you to lift you will need to get someone out to adjust the springs otherwise you will strip the gear in the opener.

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