Hardwood finish is peeling?

ames104April 1, 2011

I moved into a house about three years ago and the finish on my hardwood floors is peeing off. It looks like the previous owners might have tried to put a thin coat of polyurethane on them but whenever I walk on the floors now big pieces peel off on my shoes/feet. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to remove this finish without completely having the floors refinished? I am thinking of renting a buffer to see how that works. The floors are in good condition, but they now look really patchy due to the amount of finish that has peeled off.

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It's all going to come off eventually. There are few ways to speed up the process. I guess just keep peeling is the way to go. You could try screening off the loose finish and then recoating after proper preparation, but you'd have to be sure to get it all off and down to a consistent surface prior to doing anything else.

You may have to resort to a resand.

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I am not familiar with screening. What is involved in that process?

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Professionals sometimes use a buffer and a 'screen' to abrade a previously finished floor to prepare it for coating. The screen looks like screening with grit particles in the construction. Hence, the term screening. It is a less aggressive sanding media and is commonly used in preparing a floor for recoating.

Some floors don't need screening at all before recoating, but rather receive a chemical cleaning instead.

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