Craftsman garage door opener problem

Walton1January 8, 2012

I installed new springs on my garage door over the weekend. After installing them I operated the garage door opener through a complete cycle with no problem. I decided to check the safety sensors so i started the door down and put my hand in front of one of the eyes on door track and the door stopped and went right back up like was supposed to, but now when I try to lower door it only goes down about a foot and stops. Have made sure both safety eyes are solid green and when I put hand in front of beam the receiving eye goes out like supposed to. This is a Craftsman 1/2 hp chain drive, probably about 15 to 20 years old. Any suggestions?

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Release the door from the opener and operate by hand to check for excess heaviness or binding. If the door is properly balanced it should stay in place approximately half way between open and closed. I would also remove the cover and check the condition of the drive gear. This is a white nylon gear just in front of the motor. It will be obvious if it is going bad.

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just recently my door stopped going down completely. i tried everything the manual said to do...the sensor lights are on full-time. i adjusted force and distance. today i released the door from the chain...then i tried to open and close it...opened fiine, as it did with door connected. stopped going down just as it does with the door. should i try more adjustments? if so, which ones. does this with all remotes.

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What is the make and model number?

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I just replaced the worm and drive gear on my 1/2 hs gdo. It was bad when we got the house so it had not worked until i made the repair. It will raise and lower now but it only goes down about 2 feet and then back up the same distance. Not sure what would be causing this. Thought it might be the sensors, not sure. one has a solid green light and the other a solid orange light. When i cross the "plane" of the sensors i do not see any change in the sensors to indicate a block. I have tried re-aligning, but no luck so far.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Eric in IN

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If when the door reverses the main light flashes 10 times it is a door sensor problem. Most likely though this will take care of it.

Make sure you put the black cup back on the end of the motor shaft and that it is pressed all the way on. Make sure the RPM sensor is plugged in. If neither of these are the issue, then you probably did not have the motor shaft pushed all the way back when you tightened the coupler after replacing the worm gear. Loosen that coupler up and from the front of the motor (opposite end in which the coupler is on) push the shaft back as far as it will go. Hold it there while you tighten the coupler back up and then try it.

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