Guidelines for blocking to run hardwood floor parallel to joists

HoneyDoodApril 19, 2011

Hello All,

Forgive me if this question has already been asked and answered. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for although I don't doubt it's somewhere here.

I'm about to close on a 23 year old home with hardwood flooring. They installed it "correctly", being perpendicular to the joists, but it's parallel to the windows, and is laid with the short walls in the rooms.

This is on the first floor, the sub is plywood, and the house has an unfinished basement. So my plan is to block the joists and replace the tired, ugly flooring with something new run perpendicular to the windows, but parallel to the 2x10 joists.

There is a steel I going through the middle of the house. The span is about 14 feet from foundation to I. How many rows of blocks should I install, and where? I keep finding info on how to block (which is not exactly rocket science), but nobody seems to talk about how many rows need to go in. One in the middle? Two divided evenly? Three? Is sistering necessary? (hope not, lots of plumbing and wiring in the way)

Thanks in advance!

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You have 2x10 joists 16"oc with a 14' span and a 3/4" t&g subfloor? You can lay that floor any darn way you want to. If you are ultra fearful of running it parallel to joist, blocking every 24" would be plenty. And the blocking would not need to be full joist thickness. A 2x6 would do fine, it would just need to be placed directly against the subfloor.

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Thank you! I actually thought the same thing (every 24).

It's not so much fear as it is noise. With blocking every 24 I suspect the floor will be ever quieter than it is now. Thanks again!

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If there is anything in the way of the blocking, going down to a 2x4 would be fine.

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The most important thing it to get the blocking tight against the bottom of the sub-floor for it to be effective.

As in press it into position with a jack during fastening.

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