Craftsman garage door opener problems?

owallachJanuary 21, 2009


I have two 'probllems' with my garage door opener. It is a sears Craftsman 1/2 HP 315mhz module - 2005...

1. Garage light doen not turn on when I walk through sensors. The sensors are working and lighting properly for any other use case (security / door open or close)

2. My remote controllers stopped working. I've replaced bataries, but nothing... In additin to the Craftsman remotes, I have a built-in-car remote that is working fine, and a Universal, which I had to program to work on 310mhz (odd - could be the problem?), which works as well.

Please note that I've reset the codes and followed the 'learn' procidure in order to make the attempts to reprogram my original remotes, as well as the car's and universal (last two with success).

Any suggestions?



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We have had a closure issue also, it would lift OK, but not close with the remotes, only with holding the button down on the wall. We also have a Craftsman Opener which was in the garage when we purchased our home almost 14 years ago.

We solved our problem by ordering 1 pair of new sensors from for $23.95 plus shipping. We installed them last night and the Door works!!!!

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owallach, You must have a 3 button wall control to use this function. To have your lights come on automatically when you walk into an open garage you must start with the lights on. To turn the feature on, turn the lights on manually with the wall switch then press and hold the light button for about 10 seconds until the motor unit light bulbs flash. Now if the light bulbs are on, manually turn them out and the walk out through the open door. The light bulbs should come on. To disable this feature, start with the light bulbs off and everything else is the same.

You may be right about your universal remote causing your problem. I would erase the memory completely by holding the smart/learn button in for 6 seconds and then try programming your original remotes first. See if it works this way. If you then program the universal remote and your other 2 quit you will know.

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