Crftmn 1/2 hp buzzes--- then nothing

woodro12January 19, 2009

My 1/2 HP Craftsman 139.53627SRT (manufactured in '93) doesn't work anymore.

The lightbulbs on the main unit work and the green sensor lights are steady. However, when I try to open or close it with the wall mounted button or the remote, the opener doesn't react. The unit just makes a buzzing sound for a moment or so right after i press the button to open or close it. there is no movement in the unit's gears (i took off the cover and looked) nor along the track. also, there doesn;t appear to be anything stcuk in the gears preventing its movement. this same sound ocuurs whether the door is engaged or disengaged to the track. the door opens fine manually.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Is your door open or closed?

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it buzzes in both positions. when it's closed and i try to open it, it buzzes. i then disengage it from the track to manually open it. when it opens and catches on the track, i hit the buton to close it and then it buzzes but doesn;t budge.

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I'm still a little confused. Are you saying the opener will operate if the door is disengaged but only buzzes when the door is connected?

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nope. the opener doesn't operate at all. it just buzzes when i press the button. the door will manually open and close though if i pull down on the cord attached to the red handle and lift the door.

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Sounds like the trolley is jammed against the bolt just in front of the motor unit. If this is so, remove the bolt and run the opener until the door is closed. Locate the up limit control on the side of the motor unit and turn it 2 or 3 times in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. Be sure to replace the bolt.

If this isn't the case you could have a bad start capacitor. It is usually black or gray and is beside the motor. Some of the wires from the motor go to it. It can cause the problem you describe.

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