garage door problems

jazibelJanuary 6, 2010

My garage door opener will no longer work with the remote.

A friend hung 2 brackets on my garage ceiling about 18 inches from the meechanism and later that night I noticed that both light bulbs in the unit did not work. I thought that was strange and waited for my friend to come back and repace the bulbs. We did, but the lights did not come on. You can hear a click when you press the button, but no light. Now I can only open and close the door using the manual key pad or from inside the garage using the open button, the remote will not work at all. Also noted this evening that the little green light on the opener in the garage is flashing. I have no idea what to do and would greatly appreciate help. Thank you!

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If the little green light is flashing rapidly it is an indication of interference. You will need to find the source. Remove the batteries from your remotes to eliminate them as a source. If it is flashing randomly that is normal.

If the opener's light bulbs do not turn on, but all other functions of the opener seem to work properly, then there is usually a quick and easy solution:
1.Unplug the garage door opener.
2.Remove the light bulb, and check to be sure the bulb is not burned out.
3.Locate the small metal tab at the base of the socket. Clean away any corrosion you may find on the tab as much as possible. With a small instrument, generally pry up on the metal tab to ensure that it will make solid contact with the light bulb.
4.Reinstall the bulb, plug the opener back in, and the bulb should illuminate.

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I am looking for help. Thank you. When the wall unit or the remote button is pushed to lower the door, it goes down about 6-8 inches then goes back up. Sometimes it will go down about 2 feet then back up too. Once it goes back up, the light clicks on and off like 9 times. I assume this is some kind of code. I have looked at the sensors. Cleaned them. Lined them up properly. And both green lights are on-steady not flashing, and they seem to be functioning properly. I have also adjusted the down force screw on the box and nothing has helped. The only thing visually that worries me is that the chain is very loose and hangs down past the T-rail about 3-4 inches. Never noticed this before so this may not be an issue, but thought it was worth mentioning. I have read hundreds of posts on here all the way back to 2005 on this subject but could not find anything that has fixed this issue. I do get it to go down sometimes by holding down the wall unit button or the remote. But that isn't working much anymore. So before I go buy a new unit I wanted to get any thoughts that anybody may have. You guys on here are pretty darn sharp and I look forward to your feedback. Thanking everyone in advance. Take care.

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