craftsman door opener wont accept remotes/keypad

honda600rrJanuary 3, 2007

i have 2 craftsman openers, one side works with the keypad, wall switch, and 2 remotes. the other unit works only with the wall switch. i tried programming remotes per the manual, but it will not accept them. i swapped this unit with another unit that i verified was working with remotes, and now it will not accpet them. the learn button is flashing, but all sensors are functioning properly, and the door opens and closes fine with the wall switch. since 2 different units have been mounted and both will not accept remotes, even though one did while installed elsewhere, does the problem exit within the wiring in the garage?

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You say the learn button is flashing. I think you mean the LED but that isn't important. What is important is if it is flashing rapidly or slowly with pauses. If it is flashing rapidly without pause you may have something near this unit that is interfering with it and blocking the receiver. An old remote or any electrical device that uses a wall wart. That is the small transformer built onto the end of some a.c. cords. Unplug anything like this and try again.

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the units led flashes 5 times, then pauses. by the way, this is a yellow led, if that matters. anyway, again this is the second unit i have wired in this location, and it did accept remotes and keypads prior to being installed here. this is a 2 car garage with a unit on each side for separate doors. the unit on the other side works fine. the wiring "harness" that houses the bell wire for the wall switch, contains the following colored wires. 1)orange, white with orange stripe, 2)blue, white with blue stripe, 2)green, white with green stripe. on the unit working properly, the blue combo is used, on the unit not working, the orange combo is used, and the others not. does this make a difference?

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The pre-wire you are refering to can be purple with pink pocodots and won't do anything as long is it is hooked up to the wall button and opener right. Since your wall button works fine, it is hooked up right. I think Don is right you must have some outside interference somewhere. If they are the same two openers you can also try switching the circuit boards in them and see if it changes anything. Just a thought.

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is there a manual or online site to decode flashing led's and their meaning? the tempo of the flashes has to mean something. as far as interference, the unit is hanging from the ceiling, with no electronic or other device near it.

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I personally don't know where you can go to get a manual, however in thinking about this a little bit tonight, have you tried plugging an extension cord into the opener and running it to a different outlet and see if it will except the remotes? If you know the opener worked else where and does not work in this particular spot and nothing is plugged in around the opener then maybe something is going on in the outlet. I am not an electrician by any means, just know enough to get by but, might give that a shot and see what happens.

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ok, don't ask me how, or why, but the unit has stopped flashing the led, and it is accepting remote programming fine. i didn't do or change anything since my first post, so i cant offer a solution for anyone else, as to why this occured. if it reverts back i'll post that up as well.

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Here are the codes.

1 Flash - door sensors misaligned or wire open
2 Flash - door sensors shorted or wires reversed
3 Flash - wall control shorted
4 Flash - door sensors misaligned
5 Flash - RPM sensor or motor overload
6 Flash - Logic board failure
Rapid flashing - signal being received


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I have Sears 1/2 Craftsman Garage Opener. The wall unit works but the remote stopped working last night. My remote is part#139.53681B. The last owner didn't leave manual. I bought new battery but it doesn't work. I called Sears and they said to go on this web site because they have liability issues. I looked at previous thread where you could have garage door down and then press your remote and the Red Light(START) button on panel at the same time, wait for it to blink and then release both buttons It was supposed to work, but it doesn't. Any suggestions?

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Is it possible I might need to buy a new remote? This remote is dated 02/98. My problem with this is: what if I spend $40 only to find out that I have to reprogram the new one anyways. I don't have a manual.

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Raider, Just hit the learn button on the back of the opener and the push the remote, you should here a click and the light will flash. If this does not work, then it is possible that you will have to buy a new remote.

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I also have two remotes #139.53681B installed 12/02. One remote quit working 2 days ago. New battery did not help. It won't reprogram either from the premium control or the motor unit. Is there any way to check the circuit board or troubleshoot something, I hate to just go buy a new unit.

I also found my other remote will not let me program the opener light feature for it (p22 of the manual). Door opening function is ok on this remote.

It seems too coincidental that both remotes would have problems and they are not related.

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