Genie Pro 88 reverses direction and won't close

veganfredJanuary 21, 2007

I have a Genie Pro 88 screw drive garage door opener, which is being used with a sectional door. It came with the house some 17 years ago so itÂs probably around 20-years-old. The problem for now is that I cannot get the door to close, as it goes a few inches and reverses direction. I can stop it and maybe gain a few inches at a time, but itÂs really hard and takes forever to accomplish (17 tries once), so I have resorted to manually closing it and going back around to get my car. Not too annoyingÂugh! It makes no difference whether I use the remote or the wall switch. There are NO electric eye sensors, so they are not causing my problem, and the door IS balanced.

It still opens, but in the past few weeks it has grown very noisy. At various times in the past few days it has also either not moved up or down for a day or two, or it opened fine, but closed about a foot with each push of the button (I miss that). I have tightened the white nut on the back and also greased the screw drive, but it hasnÂt helped too much. It also appears that the guide bar has a slight bend to it. This also happened a few months ago, but stopped  I cannot recall if I made any adjustments back then to make it stop. Is it possible that recent power surges, which spaz out my Central Air fan to come on and stay on, can cause the Genie to go berserk, too?

Genie told me that if the door was balanced, it was most likely Âa bad circuit board, which is no longer available. If it is a bad board, is it repairable by someone who knows electronics (not me)?

If I have to buy a new one, what do you suggest I buy  brand and type (screw, beltÂ)? I have seen a lot of bad postings here about Craftsman. A garage opener guy wanted to install a 3280 for $350, but what I've read here kinda scared me off. Hope you can help, as this down and up stuff is beginning to get on my nerves.

Thanks for your helpÂ

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Check that, I musta jinxed it by saying it was still opening, as it didn't when I got home tonight. Did not try again, as I hate to spoil the suspense for the morning when I have to leave for work.

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The only other thing I would try is disconnect the opener arm from the door and hit the opener and see if the opener works when disconnected from the door.

The 3280 is a Liftmaster Belt Drive opener. It is very quiet and reliable. You are seeing so many craftsman opener problems in this forum, because if you google craftsman opener problems, it takes you to this forum. Most of the problems you are seeing with these openers are extremely easy repairs.

I would get that 3280 installed for that is a fair price about 25 bucks cheaper than what my company installs them for. Or you could go with a craftsman and do it yourself, either way stay away from srew drives no matter what the name brand and in particular stay away from genie. At least when a craftsman opener breaks you can buy the parts and do it yourself.

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