Dents in Brazillian Cherry flooring

tccspApril 24, 2014

Today I dropped a stainless steel pot on my finished Brazilian cherry floor. There are two dents/gouges left behind. The dents are slightly lighter in color, so they are deep enough. We have a new baby and I'd like to avoid any staining or refinishing of the floor. Is there any way I can fix these dents to make them look less noticeable? Thanks!

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Try a stain pen.

Here is a link that might be useful: something like this

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There's a heat/steam method to raise the grain on wood dents. Not sure if that applies here. Try googling. Test inconspicuous spot or sample board first.

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A technician with a few shellac sticks and the heat tool that is used to melt it can do a remarkable job disguising the damage. Furniture repair technicians use the same tools and media in their repair work.

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