Thin set and sealant?

newDIYer2013April 14, 2013


I'm about to rip up my first carpet and would like to put down a tile floor. The carpet has been used by pets on numerous occasions as a potty break area so I'm anticipating there being a residual odor in the concrete slab. I've read online that a sealant like Kiltz would be perfect for locking the odor in place, but I've also read that this would not work well with a layer of thin set. Being new to all of this I was wondering if anyone had an experience or first hand knowledge they could share from a similar situation. I was also wondering if the Kiltz / thin set combination was a no-no, then what else might I try? Thanks in advance.

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I would look into a liquid-applied or membrane type barrier of some kind. Lots of types...some use urethane bonding agents, some an epoxy type and Schluter Ditra uses only thin set.

Look these up.

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