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mikla_in_floridaJuly 4, 2010

I have been doing some research on the quality of currently available reclining leather sectionals (NOT home theatre seating but something that actually looks like nice family room furniture). I am looking for middle-to-high quality (a kiln dried hardwood frame, blocked, glued, nailed or screwed with 8 way hand tied or similar quality springs) if they exist. Here's what I have found so far:

Macy's Elite Leather "Miramar" and "Rolla" - turns out these are not Elite but a subsidiary of Elite called Passport Home. The salespeople could not describe the construction of the frame. Apparently it's made in China.

Thomasville's "Benjamin" - the salesperson said they used 8-way hand tied on all their sofas but when I looked underneath another sofa on the floor (not Benjamin), it appeared to be sinuous spring. I asked whether kiln dried hardwoods were used with blocking, gluing and nailing, but she muttered something I didn't understand. Don't really know how they are constructed because I can't believe the salesperson.

I have heard Thomasville and Ethan Allen still make their upholstery in NC but can't find anything on their websites about it. So I went to Ethan Allen. There weren't any reclining sofas on the floor and didn't see any on their website.

I continued my search online:

Bradington-Young - one of the best, but I didn't see anything online which had the recliner feature.

Hancock & Moore - found the Austin reclining sectional. Must find a place to see one, but apparently it is very well made.

Flexsteel - found some reclining models, but didn't care for the styling of the sectionals. I've been told that the frame construction isn't the best, but have no details on how it's actually made.

Palliser - found some reclining models, but didn't care for the styling of the sectionals. I've been told that the frame construction isn't the best, but have no details on how it's actually made.

Ferretti Interiors - I did not find reclining sectionals.

Classic Leather - I liked the Kenilworth Reclining Sectional. Must find a place to see one, but apparently it is very well made.

Leathercraft - I did not find reclining sectionals.

Of all the sectionals I saw, my favorite design was Thomasville's "Benjamin"; however, I don't know what quality it is and have heard that Thomaville's customer service is absolutely horrible, so that scares me too.

Does anyone know how some of the ones listed above are constructed? Any other manufacturers I should be considering?

Thanks in advance for providing feedback.

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I am with you! I've been looking for the same except not a sectional and haven't had much feedback. The thing that gets me is the very limited guarantees plus the fact that when looking online, how does one know what you're really getting unless you inspect it and sit in it? I never thought looking for a sofa would be such a hassle!

Somebody did mention that Loftgoods has pretty good stuff but all I found were recliner chairs and ottomans. I'll share any info that I run into. I've been looking for 3 months and am VERY wary about outsourced products.

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Regarding Thomasville... They have two groups of leather construction - Leather Choices (made in China) and the Custom Leather Group (made in USA). Thomasville's 8-way hand-tied springs (a dying art only as good as the person tying) have been replace on many sofas with individual pocketed coils. Most Thomasville stores should have a sample.

Flexsteel Manufacturing makes quality reclining furniture. Their blue-steel spring system has a lifetime warranty. Flexsteel also has two versions: American made and their "Latitudes" (China made) versions. The American made versions have a lifetime warranty on their frame, spring system & cushions. I speak from experience... My mother has her Flexsteel leather recliner since 1989 and it's still in fine working order and no problems. Check out the "Chicago" series. Just bought the "Chicago" recliner last year for my father's 80th birthday. The "Oslo" is great if you want to configure two recliners next to each other. Can be configured without the "home theater" look.

I know many other people that own the Flexsteel reclining sets and stationary furniture. Some have had them for over 15 years with no problems. Only regret is they didn't purchase leather.

Hope this info helps :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Flexsteel American-Made Reclining Sectionals

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Thanks, mystery_force! How do you know so much about Thomasville? You told me more than their salespeople could. Are the Custom Leather Group frames made in the US too, or is it just that the upholstering is done in the US?


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Going through the same issues right now. It looks like the quality of the Macy's sofas are now not any better than the cheap china imports you can get for half the price or less.

It looks like smaller makers like Arizona Leather (CA made) are still using Full Grain leather (not sanded and stamped top grain).

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Hi, Just found this thread. We are going through the same process. Want something comfortable for TV watching but that also looks good in what is the "public" room in our house. So far we've been using Ekornes chairs, but are looking for something that will accommodate both people and dogs! Does anyone know if their (Ekornes') sofas are as comfortable as their chairs?

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You can also call the company for any local showrooms around your area that is showing the furniture you are interested in! Most companies like Leathercraft that are high priced are not as good as it seems. You need to compare the difference between all of the companies. Why Leathercraft is so popular I have no idea unless its because it's in their name lol!. I am very happy with my reclining sofa from Hancock and Moore the quality and price. If your around the area of NC go to the showrooms yourselves and see whose is the best and then let us all know!!!!

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