Minimum width 2 car garage

ontariomomJanuary 17, 2012

Hi Folks,

Can you let me know what the bare minimum is for a two car garage width? The door on the garage is only 14 feet and the interior inside the garage is 16' 7". Thanks!


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The answer can vary, depending on why you are asking.
How it's listed;
How it's insured;
How it's taxed;
What its value is.

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Hi Randy427,

Thanks for your reply. I am not selling the house; we are doing a back addition and a bump out to the garage. The garage will be 16' 7" in width (for most of the length), but it is also long enough to park two cars in tandem one behind the other which is how we will park two cars. We are considering taking a bit from the width to add to the front foyer, and wondered if that would be a major turn off when it came time to sell (there would still be room to park a van and car in tandem). If the width of 16'7" is indeed considered just wide enough to park two cars side by side, we might not steal from it for the foyer. If 16'7" is already insufficient to park two cars side by side we may very well take a feet feet of width away to accommodate the foyer.

Thanks for your help.

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I'd add to the foyer. With my standard size vehicles, a 14' door and 16'-7" total width wouldn't leave enough room to open the drivers' doors enough to get in and out of either.
I'd go with a 10' door and 14' (or more) inside garage width.

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Thanks randy427 for your input. Now if I can convince my husband to give up two feet of his garage!


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We had setback issues when we did our garage. Ours is 24'Lx20'Deep. Deep meaning front of car to back. We also have an 18'Door. I can just get my toyota highlander in there depth wise. We can not open the back hatch unless the garage door is open. 28x24 would have been more ideal for function and internal storage. Obviously the bigger the better.

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