Sensors on a 2007 Craftman 1/2 hp door opener

ndullyJanuary 6, 2009

My son threw his backpack and knocked one the sensors out of the bracket located on the garage door track. I screwed it back in place, and both sensors are lit up; the sending sensor is orange(amber as the handbook states) and the receiving one is green. Both have steady bright glows. Yet, the garage door will start to close only to open again once it reaches the exact postion where the sensors are. There is absolutely nothing blocking the doorway. Any ideas?

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If the main light flashes 10 times when the door reverses it is still a sensor problem. Make sure the sensor is not moving when the door gets to that position. If you put something in front of the sensors one of the lights will stay on and the other will go off. Watch the sensor with the light that goes off and see if it stays lit when the door reaches that spot. If this isn't your problem post back.

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