Kitchen Floor Choice

spiekercApril 7, 2012

We have had a Wilson Art HP laminate kitchen floor for 15 years and loved it. Unfortunately it was water damaged and they don't make it any more. We have looked at Congoleums Dura ceramic, the starloc , and the invincible from carpet one.I thinkl these are all considered a luxury vinyl? We are looking for a floor that will last, clean up easy , be somewhat seamless like the Wilson Art. Any help is appreciated. Thanks from Curt in Joplin, Mo

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this forum hasn't gotten a lot of replies in recent times...

there should be some reviews already on here for dura ceramic tiles tho. you can do a search from the first 'flooring' screen on the bottom right area. just type it in and click on search and see if any appear.

if you don't find what you need there or get any replies in a few days, you might post on small homes forum. A few of us over there have been looking for/put in types of flooring that you seem to be looking for.

someone recently put in Alterna ? vinyl tiles by Armstrong I think (or I might have seen that on 'kitchens'). I'm going to check those out for my new place.

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Go to a full line flooring retailer and have a look at what they are selling. That will give you an idea of what is in the marketplace. But, stay away from the places that are just selling anything they can get cheap to resell cheap.

Don't overlook the new sheet vinyl products. The big box home improvement stores will give you an 'idea' what's out there, but they are by no means the best place to buy flooring.

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I, too, am replacing my floor and had originally wanted DuraCeramic. After reading several threads on it and getting some pros opinions, I decided to look for other brands of Luxury Tile. Finally, ended up with choosing the Amtico line of tiles which seemed to have the highest level of positives
from here and other sources. Installation will not be for another 8 weeks so I can give you no opinions on that front right now.

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