Selling a fur coat

joyfulguyOctober 27, 2003

My friend has a beautiful, full length fur coat (mink) in excellent condition.

It is several years old, but rather classic style that isn't outdated.

I think that it cost something like $6,000.

What is the best way to sell it?

I'm wondering about eBay.

Does anyone know what the duty situation might be if it were sold to a U.S. buyer - it is currently in Canada.

Thanks a bunch.

joyful guy

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ebay is probably your best bet. Look up current and completed auctions for similar items.

There is no duty to US citizens. I have bought several items from Canada on ebay with no charges. However, I bought my bathroom faucet, paper holder and towel holder from a site in Canada and recieved some kind of bill (export?) about a month later. I don't know what the difference is between a retail website and ebay that would have generated that charge.

Finally, if you or your friend are not familiar with selling on ebay, it will be quite a learning curve. Not so much to list it, but to avoid the pitfalls of non-paying bidders or bidders who end up scamming you. (claiming the product never arrived or was defective.)

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For an item worth that much, we'd probably deliver it personally, and if the buyer was satisfied, go together to the bank to cash her cheque, then hand over the coat.

Thanks for the advice.

ole joyful

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