Date of Mfg. ?????

magoo304January 10, 2009

I have a 1/2 hp. screw drive Genie opener. I am wanting to get a small remote to carry on the motorcycle. How can I tell if it is pre 1995 or pre 1997 ? Our house was built in 1994 and we are the 3rd owner. I am pretty certain that it is pre 1995 but to know for sure so I buy the correct remote.There is nothing that I can find on or under the light cover. I also took the motor cover off and can not find anything.

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I did find out that it is a GX9000

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this was my reply from Genie when I asked them
"Under the light cover you have a little white sticker. top row is WK YR P1 Bottom row is the date of manufacture. If the unit is 1997 and after, you can use the GMI-3 mini remote. If before 1997, you will have to use a standard size intellicode remote. Thank you

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I think you should call your local Genie dealer and ask him. They will know.

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Thanks for your reply. It is pre 1997 :(

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You might want to check with Radio Shack. They advertise a universal unit for $9.97 that just may work for you. The model number is G6MR and the catalog number is 61-133.

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