RE: Sears Garage Door Opener Remotes working intermittenly

hask5183January 11, 2010

My remotes for the garage door opener aren't working properly. Sometimes they work when I enter the driveway with 1st push of button. Other times I have to get right next to garage door and push several times moving remote each time. Outside remote seldom works when entering the code. Inside wall mounted wired controller always works. I have replaced all batteries with no change. Any suggestions?

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Three possibilities:

1. Bad receiver.

2. Shielded receiver. Did you move, store, or mount anything between the operator and the remotes? Metallic objects blocking the signal are most likely to be a problem.

3. Interference. The best bet. Almost impossible to track down without highly specialized equipment, and little you can do about it anyway, unless you are the owner of the item generating the interference, in which case, turn it off or fix it. Start by turning stuff off and seeing if it makes a difference. Suspect everything electric or electronic, including your neighbor's stuff.

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