Canadel Table and Chairs - Is this really a discount?

Jazz3July 8, 2006

Found a Canadel table and 6 chairs in a clearance center of furniture store. Appears to be a special order return.

Table is rectangular (probably 60") with 2 leafs. Black distressed finish. Chairs (6) are same finish with upholstered seats.

Marked $1549 and they say that best price is 20% less on a store card....opinions? I have not priced this out as new and wondered what the true savings was.

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That is a good price. I spent in the neighborhood of $2000.

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I don't care much for Canadel, but thats a good price for the set.

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Do you not care for Canadel as a matter of taste or have you had a bad experience with it? I have been trying to decide on it for a year; since it will be used in a busy kitchen, I am concerned about the marring of the tabletop.

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I used to "sell" Canadel in our store. I say "sell", because it couldn't hold a candle to our other line, Saloom. In two years we didn't take a single Canadel order, while we were selling a lot of Saloom. We finally sold one Canadel set for cost, and couldn't even sell the other.

My wife and I then bought a new house and wanted a set fast, so we took home the remaining set. The chairs are so top heavy that if you throw a coat over the top it could tip over. Last year when my son was three he'd push against the table, tilting the chair backwards. We kept telling him to stop but several times he'd send it flying back. It didn't take much. And yes, he hit the floor. Thankfully he has a hard head and the floor is several layers of vinyl:-). He has since learned not to do that.


When you have a Canadel next to a Saloom, like we did, there is just no comparison. The Canadel just looks cheap by comparison.

Canadel is birch, Saloom is maple. To me its like something being stainless vs. sterling. Canadel chairs slap a piece of foam over a board. Saloom seats use laminated foam and have cut out bottoms. One sit and you'll immediately tell the difference.

We brought in Canadel because at the time it was about 25% less expensive. But nobody wanted to buy something not even close for just 25% less. Its all moot now anyways, Canadel is about the same price as Saloom. Check them out at

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Wow, Canadel is absolutely wonderful. I own a set myself. Some people are taken back with the price but it is well worth it. These are made of solid Birch, no veneers. That price is good, I would buy it.

Good luck

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Just priced a Canadel set similar to this today and that is a great price. We were looking at a 72" table with two 20" leaves which was $1300 plus the chairs were well over $300 each. If you decide not to get this, please let me know. I might not be as interested in the chairs simply because we don't want upholstered seats (kids) but would definitely be interested in the table. I thought Canadel's quality was top notch.

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We have a dinning kitchen set, we have had for awhile and it is wonderful with an extra leaf. But are moving to a different house and it will not work. I just priced the chairs and they were still over 300 a piece when we sell it i would like to get close to a thousand for it all. But we would buy this brand again you will not go wrong.

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That is a great deal. I just got a set in January and the table alone was more than that. BTW -- you can cover the upholstered chairs with a plastic until your kids are older.

This is our second Canadel set. Our first is 7 years old. I think it is beautiful, high quality furniture.

When we got our first set -- we did have an issue with our chairs tipping over. We sent them back and ordered more substantial, expensive chairs that I absolutely love. My kids were young then (2 and 4) and they would tip the chairs by turning around in the seat and a heavy coat could do it to. I do think it is ridiculous that they even sell such a light chair.

We did order glass to put over each tabletop -- the beauty of the wood still shows though. Any table that is "real" wood on top is going to scratch so be prepared.

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I just bought a 7 piece dining set from canadel for 1900, good deal?

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That's an awesome deal. For the set I was looking at, the table alone was 1,500.
Where did you get this?

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