Fan purchase ?

leprichonJanuary 11, 2009

I am in need of a will be in my basement (wich is fairly large) and needs to move enough air to ventilate the area from fumes from furniture refinishing...The fan will be placed in a verticle round chimney style duct (that runs up about 25 ft) and it should run fairly quietly...I havent bought an exhaust fan befor, so Im not familiar with judging how much power or air flow I will need the fan to move, or the different styles of mounting, etc...(it should also be strong enough -that when piped - it will create a downdraft in an enclosed area below my table saw)...

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Fans are selected on what type of duty.

Standards are set concerning number of air turns in a space per hour. From memory furniture refinishing is from 6-15x an hour based on amount of product. So your basement LxWxH x changes per hour desired = the cubic feet per minute required (CFM)
Once this is known a fan is selected on performance, economy, electric service, sound rating, location and cost.

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What is exhausted out must be replaced, in this case with filtered & conditioned air.

It may make you rethink any mass refinishing in the basement

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Your formula should be divided by 60 to give CFM. As is, it calculates cubic feet per hour.

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Your right, I usually go with CFH, but for ease of fan selection went with CFM to explain easier and forgot the division, thanks

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