Craftsman Opener Eye and Signal issues

murrr77January 19, 2007

Hello, I searched and couldn't find answers to these two questions so please let me know if I missed them...

1. Intermittanly (5 times in the last 3 years since I have owned this house) one of my two Craftsman 1/2hp screw drive openers (139.53479SRT 8/95) has had an issue where the 60w lights flash and it won't go down. Nothing in the way, no moved eyes, if you try to adjust no luck. Eventually it just all of a sudden works. One photo eye light is on when this happens, the other is out. This time I disconnected the other photo eye and moved it directly in front of the one, and still did not light up, wiggled the wires, they are stapled with insulated staples, no luck. Went to the top of the opener, looked but didn't touch. At this time the one (was unlit) photo eye is laying in the middle of the garage facing nowhere, I push the button, it all of a sudden works fine. Both eyes are continuosly lit, whether they face each other or not. ???

2. This opener also has a big issue recieving a signal. We have a corner lot and when driving by the side of the house sometimes you can get it to go up. HOwever, in front of the hosue you have to practically have the bumper touching the door (insulated steel) to get it up. I've wiggled the recieving antenna wire, no change. Very annoying.

No problems with the identical opener on the other door, receives far away, eyes go on an off when you obstruct them.


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You are describing problems that can't be cured by adjustments. I think a new opener is in order.

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