Garage Doors: wood v plastic

davestexasJanuary 10, 2011

Single car garage door. My 25+yr old wood door vs. a new vinyl insulated door. Which is better for sound attenuation? My old door is in great shape. It has 4-3sqft glass panes. My neighbor has loud cars/kids and our concrete driveways are 10 apart as is our garages. The loud cars/kids make my garage a giant speaker. I believe the glass panes allow a lot of sound in, but I can't do anything about that other than change the door. I'm thinking a solid/insulated new door sans windows would help cut the sound level? Thoughts? Thanks!

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You could try adding anther layer of glass on the inside of the door.

A simple wood frame for fastening to the door can hold another layer of glass.

Even a layer of acrylic (plastic) might help.

Check the weather stripping around the sides of the door also.

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Thank you Brickeyee & mn for the help. I'll do the easiest first and go from there.

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Was able to buy 3-9' gray color weather seal strips for under $30. Simple installation took less than 30min. Seems to have helped attenuate the sound. I read that the normal .125" gap around a garage door equals 50sq in of air space. Next I'll look into either adding to or replacing the glass panes, maybe see if I can find a solid section to replace the window section.

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