Garage Door Opener Problems-Craftsman 1/2

golfmanlegendsJanuary 6, 2010

When the wall unit or the remote button is pushed to lower the door, it goes down about 6-8 inches then goes back up. Sometimes it will go down about 2 feet then back up too. Once it goes back up, the light clicks on and off like 9 times. I assume this is some kind of code. I have looked at the sensors. Cleaned them. Lined them up properly. And both green lights are on, and they seem to be functioning properly. I have also adjusted the down force screw on the box and nothing has helped. The only thing visually that worries me is that the chain is very loose and hangs down past the T-rail about 3-4 inches. Never noticed this before so this may not be an issue, but thought it was worth mentioning. I have read hundreds of posts on here all the way back to 2005 on this subject but could not find anything that has fixed this issue. I do get it to go down sometimes by holding down the wall unit button or the remote. But that isn't working much anymore. So before I go buy a new unit I wanted to get any thoughts that anybody may have. You guys on here are pretty darn sharp and I look forward to your feedback. Thanking everyone in advance. Take care.

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Also, the lights on the sensors are a solid green. No flickering. Thank you.

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Thank you everyone that helped me with this. It is fixed now! Somebody posted the Tech Support direct line and the lady walked me through every single step until it was opertating perfectly! For FREE! Wow! She had me read the yellow blinking light on the box as it was blinking 4 times then pausiing which is a sensor issue. Then she had me detach the receving eye sensor, pointed it at the ceiling for a few seconds, then reinstalled making sure the green lights stayed on both of them. Pulled the rope down on the trolly, then loosened the nuts on the chain screw while making sure the chain did NOT twist, and tightened the nuts down until the chain was about 1/2" above the T-rail. Very important not to get this too tight/not more than 1/2" above the rail. After trying everything from hundreds of posters, this phone number finished the job: 1-800-528-9131. I was this close to buying a whole new opener, so lesson learned: Keep asking for help until everything has been exhausted!

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