Rowe Cooper sofa

swooshbugJuly 12, 2010

Hi, I am new to this site and am looking for some advice on buying a new sofa. We just bought a new house and are looking for our first non-hand-me-down sofa! We found one we liked at a local store, the Rowe Cooper Sofa:

Does anyone hear have this sofa? I am wondering what the quality and durability of it are like.

I didn't see this sofa locally, but I also like this one from Rowe (Harrison): which is pretty similar but has a tight back instead of the loose cushions.

I've never had a sofa with loose cushions before, so I'd appreciate some advice on what the differences are going to be between a loose back and tight back sofa.

I assume the tight back would wear better and not look so 'slouchy' after a few years.

So, if anyone has owned either the Rowe Cooper or Harrison, I 'd love to hear from you!

Or, any recs for a similar looking sofa of the same or better quality for $800-$1,000?

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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It depends on what your going to use the sofa for: A living room center piece or a comfortable sofa that you will use everyday. Standard lounge seating comfort is that the seat will be firmer than the back. A tight back sofa is just the opposite.

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Complain about Rowe. I bought a ROWE about 3 years ago and barely used it. After 4 months the cuscion piping started popping. I would not buy a ROWE anymore. I wanted to stay on a budget but I did not really go that cheap and my expectations were not met. Bye Bye Rowe

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I do not have that particular Rowe sofa, but I do have a slipcovered loose back sofa and loveseat from Rowe. We've had ours about 8 years maybe. We've been happy with this set. It is heavy, comfortable and I love the machine washable slipcovers.

I've had both loose back and the tight back sofas. The loose back is nice because you can flip them around for extra wear... but they can look messy if you have kids or pets climbing on the sofa.

Hope that helps.

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