Smartstrand Silk carpet

crozzroadApril 14, 2013

Hello everyone !
We are in the market getting a quote for Smartstrand Silk carpet, what has been interesting is the estimates that we are getting varies a lot, upto $ 2000 ! Is this how it works ?

So wanted to check with you all for a reasonable and trusted dealer whom we can approach .. btw we are in Chicago suburbs , so any dealer in Chicagoland will help

Thanks !

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To find the closest, proficient SmartStrand retailers in your area, I would recommend using the store locator search on - You will find the search button in the top right corner on any page of the website. It has a magnifying glass icon next to "Store Locator".

This search is awesome because once you enter your zip code, the results will show the closest dealers to you. I would recommend visiting a Mohawk aligned retail partner-- like a Mohawk Floorscapes or ColorCenter-- for the most reliable product and pricing information.

Good luck on your search! Let us know how it goes!

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About to get our new carpet installed. We are going with a Shaw product, but I can say we got a $4,000 difference between quotes. And I went to at least six stores and had three stores bid our job. Sorry, not in Chicago area.

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We had a roughly $600-2000 difference in our quotes for Smartstrand 2 years ago, so yes, this is normal. Just make sure you are being quoted the same carpet and pad on each quote. You would hate to think you were comparing apples to apples but find out later that the really lush carpet you thought you were getting from the quote was really the sparsest and now you're stuck.

Hope this helps!

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Hello ! was down with stomach flu, so just logged in and saw these responses .. thankyou !
@ DIYguy_FL - yep we pulled the dealers from Mohawk website as we did not know where to start
pam71 - Good luck on your new carpet !
mydreamhome - I'm at peace now, to know that this is quite normal and the dealers are not taking us for a ride. We are planning to go and shop around for a few more this weekend as we are learning something new at each place !

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