Cost to drywall and finish the garage?

lnprasumiJanuary 29, 2006


We are planning to drywall and finish our garage this spring. The ceiling and one wall are already drywalled. So, the job is basically to drywall two walls, mud it and sand it.

One handyman quoted a price of $400 including insulation but he will not paint.

Is this a fair quote?


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Does this include the price of materials and labor or labor only? Also is he going to be applying some type of texture to the drywall? If it includes materials and applying texture to the four walls and ceiling, I think it is a fair price. Drywalling is one of those things it looks like a monkey could do, but once you start taping and bedding and getting an even texture, 400.00 would look very cheap to me. Just my .02.


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cbag1, thanks for your 2 cents.
The quote includes labor + materials (including insulation)
But I said in my original post it is really only 2 walls. The rest and the ceiling is already done.


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Sounds good to me. It's such a messy job and takes a lot of skill to do a nice job.. Its at least three days work plus sanding and cleanup.

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That's a dealio, if he's competent . .

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I would make sure he is going to screw the drywall, but that is a very fair price. You can easily figure your own materials but you dont have the tools either. You will probably have 200 to 250 (wild guess) dont know garage size in it yourself. You will also have WAY MORE that 100 bucks in FRUSTRATION if you have never mudded.

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Previous owner did a lousy drywall hanging job on our double garage. I hired a drywaller to simply do all the taping/mudding, as he charged Can $500. Money well spent. He was there for several days, had scaffolding, and use 3 whole buckets of joint compound. I've done some drywalling myself: not fun.

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I'd say pay him. I did two and a half walls (maybe 50-60 linear ft. altogether) of my garage, and it cost about $250 in mud, tape, Sheetrock and encapsulated insulation. I'd have paid another $150 for someone to do it, though it was a good learning experience! In San Francisco at least you have to use 5/8" thick wallboard for the ceiling, making it that much tougher a job, so I'd say again his is a fair price.

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cityguide, the ceiling has already been drywalled. Just 2 side walls. Is it still worth $400 including insulation?

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What don't you understand? Everybody has stated that it was a good price and to go for it.

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I am sorry if my comments made you angry!

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That seems like a very fair price. Go with it.

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if you want a cheap price, you are going to get a cheap job. 400.00 for two walls insulated, sheetrock SCREWED, not nailed and tape/mud/finish sand very good price, don't forget to go in and prime it with a good coat of high quality primer enjoy!

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You had to ask if $400 is a fair price?

Heck, it is worth that much if he showed up and did a good job regardless of how many walls.

In some parts, $400 would get you one wall.

How'd it go?

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$400 is a great price if it includes parts. I just did mine, and it was 2 walls as well, the ceiling and front wall were already done. Cost me about $200 in insulation because 1 bag of batt wasn't quite enough to do it all (have leftover). About another $100 in sheetrock, mud, tape, screws, etc. That was just the first day Since then I have probably spent another $50 or so. Oh, and I already had most of the tools needed. If you don't have those you can probably figure another another $50 - $75 for all the drywall tools, you'll need a good cordless drill if you don't have one. The list goes on. Give the dude $400 and be done with it because I guarantee you'll have $400 in it before you even buy the paint.

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lnprasumi, I hope you did go ahead and do it. $400 is a very fair price. For the record, I did have the rest of the garage drywalled, including the ceiling, just a couple of months ago. It was done as part of a house addition (I'm in the last phase, yippee) but the team 'walled the garage as part of the deal. I also poured a new floor in the garage, got a new furnace and re-armed the octopus, so I am grinning ear-to ear right now.

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