removing drive gear roller pin

rusa7January 27, 2007

Hello experts,

I followed the procedures on this forum to expose my drive gear. The drive gear was all chewed up. But I cant seem to get the roller pin off. It seems to be very tight. Is there any trick/tool to remove it. Am I doing something wrong. Should I just insert a screwdriver and hammer the roller pin out.

Help please !!


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I tried with a 5/32" punch but it still doesnt want to seem to come out. I am afraid if I hammer too hard it might bend the shaft. I have tried lubing the roll pin with WD-40 but it hasnt helped. Any other ideas much appreciated.


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Make sure the motor housing is still attached. I.E. still slid over the shaft. You may want to put the punch in a set of vice grips, otherwise make sure it is positioned perfectly centered on the roll pin and smack the crap out of it with a hammer. As long as the motor housing is still attached you won't do any damage to the shaft.

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Thanks very much. I had trouble posting back yesterday. I took the gear/sprocket assembly off. Then I had to cut part of the plastic off with a dremel tool to have better access to the roll pin. Then I could hammer it out by holding it in a vice. The roll pin was really tight. Put the new gear in, lubed it well. The garage door is working fine now

Thank you,


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