Pontiac Grand Prix Blown Head Gasket?

tina_2010January 20, 2010

I have a 99 grand prix.3800. Last year i hit a deer and replaced the radiator, it was still running rough the low coolant light was coming on too ofetn . I would add coolant, we replaced the water pump. The low coolant light continues to come on, I have noticed coolant on my engine block real close to where the water pump is. I also am having to add coolant . When i check to see if my oil is milky it isnt.???!!!! I am figurning its a gasket but want to know how to tell if thats what it is. There is no overheating either. Just low coolant light and having to add coolant .

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open the radiator or coolant overflow tank, start the car and watch for any bubbles. A blown head gasket will often push exhaust gases into the coolant causing bubbles.

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Could be a blown intake gasket. Very common on the 3800. Its expensive either way.

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check the plastic coolant elbow right above the waterpump. very common for them to leak. there are usually 2 of them. almost all parts stores have them since they leak so often. i just changed mine and also saw the waterpump had a noisy bearing but that just meant i fixed 2 things. the elbows are $5. but a shop might want several hundred for labor.

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this design motor routes the coolant thru the alternator mounting bracket using these coolant elbows. you do not have to remove the bracket to change the waterpump but it makes it much easier. there is a small chance whoever changed your waterpupmp may not of removed the bracket. maybe the elbow was good to begin with and the elbow is now cracked and leaking. hard to say. but its a good place to start.

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