craftsman garage door opener system problem

helen818January 10, 2007

Hello there, we have had the house for 8yrs and the garage door opener system has never failed us before, however recently in the last 2 months or so, we've noticed that it is very difficult if not impossible to CLOSE our garage door when we are in our cars using either homelink or the craftsman remote (we had no problems before). There doesn't seem to be any problems to OPEN the garage door using the remotes or homelink though. It is also very difficult if not impossible to close the garage door using the wall mounted control unit in the garage, opening though doesn't seem to be a problem. I close the garage door from the car (using remotes or homelink) and the wall control unit inside the garage door, I usually have to press many times (waiting like 10-15seconds in between each press), then the garage door may finally close. Any ideas before I call a garage technician? It can't be batteries since we can OPEN using homelink AND remotes... just can't seem to close.


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You don't say what the door actually does when it doesn't close. Does it start and then stop or does it start and then reverse to the open position? If it starts and then reverses check to make sure the door sensors are pointed directly at each other. Tweak them a bit and try.

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Well when we try to close the garage door either using the wall unit control or the remotes/homelink, it will either stop halfway (or less) and then when we press the wall unit control/remote/homelink again it will go back up, then after about 5 seconds, we try to close it again... (using either method) the door may close right away with no problems or it will take many tries (5-10) or not close at all (especially if using remote/homelink). Then at which time I would have to try and close it from the wall unit controls where after several tries or more the garage door will eventually close. Like I mentioned we don't seem to have a problem opening the garage door using wall unit/remote/homelink.

The other day, we got a handyman to come over to check out our problem, and he said that remotes/homlink/wall unit signals were not reaching the open/close sensor and that the computer board needed to be replaced? Basically get a whole new garage door opener unit.

I have tried pressing on the 'lock' button on the wall unit control for 5 seconds or so (light flashes), then let go and press it again for another 5 seconds (light is solid) and it APPEARS that we are able to close the garage with remotes/homelink/wall unit with more success... I stress it APPEARS....

Any further advice???


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On the back of your motor unit you will find a control "down force" Turn this about a quarter turn and try.

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i have virtually the same problem. when you try to open the door from outside, it opens halfway, then stops. it will close when you hit the button again. it goes to exactly the same spot in the up direction each time. the problem started a week ago, and if you tried repeatedly, it would finally go all the way. but not any more. now, just halfway open, then stop. any ideas or suggestions. thanks so much. barry

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bhf930 On the rear of your opener near where all those white wires go you will find the 'up force'. Increase this a quarter turn and try. You might also take the cover off the opener and take a close look at the drive gear. It is white nylon and is located near the front of the motor. If you see any white saw dust the gear may be going.

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In addition to checking the gear, check the door balance. Disconnect it in the down postion and manually raise it up. If it feels heavy, the springs may need adjusted. If your gear looks good now and the door is heavy, increasing the up force will solve your problem, but may cause premature gear failure. Sorry, Don don't mean to hijack your post.

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using either car or wall remote for either open or close the door will run for about 2-3 seconds then stop. I press remote again and it will contine. I do this till it is completley open or closed. this just started a week ago. model 139.18795 craftsman bought in 2005.

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