Does your garage have a drain?

dakota01January 12, 2011

My new construction house/attached garage does not have floor drain. The builder said that the cement floor is sloped so that the water, slush, snow can easily be broomed out the door.

Well, today after a good snow storm last nite, the drippings from my car were in the center ( I parked in the middle) then they went to the one side, all the way to the wall. Yes, things I had sitting there got wet.

The garage is not one solid slab, it is two with a cut out/seam in the center. I think the seam filled up and then overflowed on that side. Meaning the concrete may not be level or sloped to the outside.

Would that be a correct? Why wouldn't it spill outwards if it was truly sloped?


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Most cities dont allow drains in garage floors. Mine doesnt. A garage floor should be sloped so that it can be washed (hosed) and swept/squeeged out. I dont think it would be a good idea to put so much slope on it that any residual water from a car would run out. My floor has no slpoe at all that I can tell.

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Yes, We have a floor drain. It is allowed in our area as long as it is residential. We had a sloped floor at our old house. We wash cars alot and it created alot of ice outside the garage doors from all the water. Like the drains MUCH better.

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It's possible that the floor isn't level or even pitched as the builder said. Frankly, they don't put a lot of effort into garage floors.

There isn't a lot you can do about it. I suppose you could complain to the builder but the odds of getting him to jack out the floor and pour a new one are slightly better than winning the Mega Millions.

I know this isn't much consolation but the water will pool at the same spot so just avoid storing stuff there or put it in a waterproof container.

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The slab near where I enter into my house cannot be sloped towards the exterior door. With melting snow the water is also coming towards the front of the garage right where I walk! So when I come out of my house and walk down the two steps I take a few steps and walk right into pooled water ! Or when I get out of my car and want to come into the house again, there is that pooled water! I originally put a throw rug there to catch dirt and that got wet too !!

I have to find a solution - oh, no I don't "the builder needs to find the solution"

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