Garage door would open only 6 inches and not close

purplelotusJanuary 12, 2009


We have a Liftmaster garage door. Few days back when temp fell below 30F, it was having trouble closing and opening. Reading some of the posts and info here, we increased the force and it started working just fine. Day before the garage was left open whole night.Yesterday morning I shut the door, then today morning, the door will only open about 6 inches, if I press the open/close button ( either on remote or the wall switch) it goes down ( close) and comes back to 6 inch open position. It can not be opened manually,it is very tight. Only way to open it was block the guiding sensor light, then hit 'open', door opens another 6 inch while the garage light on the motor assembly blinks about 6-7 time, once that stops, I block sensor again, and repeat the process about 6-7 times to get the door to open completely. I tried to adjust the force and the up/down travel limit, no luck.

Any help? I want to keep the option of calling the professional as a last resort.

Thanks in advance.

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Look for a broken spring above the door. Something mechanical is causing the problem with opening the door manually.

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yup, thanks. I just came back from garage. It is a broken spring. Do I have to change both or just the one that is broken? How much is it going to cost? I am assuming this can't be done without a professional.thanks

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It is important that both springs be replaced and I honestly wouldn't do it myself. I leave this to the door specialists. You should be able to get estimates over the phone.

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