Craftsman Keypad and regular garage door opener - can't get both

RebeccaJankJanuary 2, 2011

I have a Craftsman Garage Door Opener.

I have a keypad wireless entry pad

I have a regular garage door opener (the one with 1 large button and 2 small buttons)

They both used to work at the same time.

Suddenly, on the same day, they both stopped working.

(FYI - I do not live near a military base)

I changed the batteries on both

I can program the keypad wireless entry pad and it works OR I can program the regular opener (the one with three buttons) and it works, but I cannot get them to both work at the same time now! And they used to!!!

Any suggestions?!!!

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One of your remote items has reverted to an earlier technology. They will work individually but not together. The hard part is determining which it is. I would suspect the hand remote. What you need to do is get a new one and then they should work together. Trash the bad one.

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