Sears or Lift Master garage opener board fix.

roddmodJanuary 21, 2007

Hi All

After scanning the forums I could not find a fix to my problem, so I went after it myself and this is what I found. My 1993 1/2 hp Lift Master with PC board #41A4252-7 Model 1255 was intermitantly not going down when open. I check all the stuff suggested by the forum and all check OK. Then I pulled the PC board out and found the connection on the PC board from the big Relay was just barely visiable but was cracked away from its solder joint. Resoldered and now it works great. This board is used in alot of openers if yours is acting up and you hear a clicking but the motor does not start you might want to look at this.

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roddmod you suggestion is great. Vibration is an enemy of printed circuit boards and that board should always be checked for cracks in the traces. It can't always be a simple adjustment.

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