Hardwood or bamboo for resale value?

aaaaaaaaApril 17, 2009


Which is better hardwood flooring or bamboo floating floor for resale value? This for living - dinning room.

Thanks in advance


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I just can't see bamboo hanging on for the hundreds of years hardwood floors have been around. In the 13 years I've been installing not one client yet has asked me to price bamboo as an alternative.

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Can't see any floating floor adding to resale value. My customers want single strip flooring permanently attached to the substrate.

I never had a client ask me about bamboo either, but maybe it's just the market I'm in.

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So if I decide to float the engineered wood floor rather than have it glued down, it will not add as much resale value?

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Don't listen to me; I'm biased in favor of more permanent flooring.

Most homeowners don't have a clue about hardwood products and installation methods, so for them I'd guess there'd be very little difference anyway.

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aaaaaaaaaaa- I asked same question to a'floor' guy last week. I was at the store looking at wood flooring- he said not to do a laminated floor- ONLY solid wood- people dislike laminated wood when looking at a house to buy- they want the real stuff, I guess. Looks like I will have to spend s bit more...

Where is the best larger outfit to buy wood flooring from? I have not heard good things about Lumber Liquidators- any other out there?

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Hardwood floor is a proven classic, been used for forever, Bamboo is fairly new and we don't know yet if it is a fad or will sustain its growing popularity, I absolutely love traditional hardwood floors, Bamboo isn't even a consideration to me .

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With bamboo flooring so trendy right now, realtors are noticing that bamboo flooring can actually add significant resale value to a home - often more than traditional hardwood floors. ciciliotandson

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Any type of floating wood floor is, IMO, a poor man's imitation of a real hardwood floor. It would detract from resale value in my market.

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Bamboo is contemporary-looking and appeals to a smaller segment of the market in my area, so I guess it depends on where you are, "aaaaaa". Are you remodeling a loft in a trendy city with lots of young, green-aware hipsters, or a colonial in an old New England town?

I can't see any negatives to a real wood floor. You can always stain it, sand it, or cover it with carpet. Floating bamboo is a one-note look.

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Not all bamboo floors are floating floors. Mine is affixed to the sub floor. It's beautiful.

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