Lift-Master Garage Door Openers Not Operating

rick_b_59January 21, 2008

Hi - I have two garage doors, each equipped with a Lift-Master 1265 garage door opener. A while back, they both stopped working. When I hit the "open" button, the door went up, but wouldn't go back down. Same thing happened to both openers, at the same time. I called the guy who installed them for the previous owner and he said it sounds like the circuit boards may be burnt out. When he did, I remembered that we had a power surge in our basement, due to a lightning strike, some time before that. He said that probably knocked out both boards. When I unplugged one unit and plugged it back in, I heard a "click". When I pushed the little red button, the green LED light went on. When I push the wall "up" button, the LED starts flashing. It flashes five times, then pauses, then repeats. I found replacement boards on-line, but am wondering if there is anything else I should try, before purchasing replacement boards. And also wondering if I should attempt to replace them myself or not. I'm pretty handy with home repairs. Is that a simple procedure or not?



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That LED flashing 5 times is the code for 'RPM sensor or motor overload'. If it were the RPM sensor the door would move several inches when you keyed a remote or your wall control. Motors don't generally get hurt by these surges. The odds are it is your logic boards. Unusual for both of them to go out though. There isn't much good news in these situations.

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