Post-Frame Construction for garage

mickimaxJanuary 30, 2007

I have gotten quotes for a detached garage and they are outrageous at about $24,000. (Eastern Iowa). The builders say this is because of the foundation and concrete costing so much. I have recently heard of post-frame construction (either steel or wood) where there would be no foundation dug. I wouldn't mind a gravel floor or even a poured concrete floor after the garage goes up (as I live in the country). Does anyone have any experience with a post-frame garage? Do they last? Are the cheaper than regularly built garages?

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I don't have any information on pricing, but I would imagine it would be right around the same price unless your planning on framing it yourself. What your referring to is what we call a poll barn. I say this because you have to have bigger material to support the weight. The walls are not framed like a conventional garage. Instead you have huge posts, usually sunk in the ground, mounted with concrete. With significant spans in between posts. I don't know if the bigger sized building material is going to cost less or more than if you just framed it up conventionally. I would imagine you would save some money b/c there is no foundation, however I would think this would only be true if you used wood and not steel. I have installed many garage doors in poll barns and everyone seems to get the exact same benefits from them. Hope this helps out some.

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We see post-frame garages a lot in this area of Michigan. When I sought bids for our 24x24 attached garage, I found that post frame will save you around 5k. The difference in lumber package prices is about the same. The savings are in the foundation work. Keep in mind this is Michigan and our foundation would have been 42" deep. (Maybe 48, I can't recall.)

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I am having a 32'x40' steel garage/shop put up and the material and labor for the shop is $18,000.00. The shop will have 2-10'x10' insulated doors with openers, 4 windows, 1 walk in door with window, insulated roof and sidewalls, colored sidewalll sheeting, colored roof, colored trim,12' sidewalls and a covered porch. The concrete pad cost is $8,500.00

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You likely still need footers to below frost depth for the posts if you expect it to stand for more than a season or two.

They can often be bored holes though.

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