For those that have 'see ID' on the back of Credit cards

myfaskSeptember 1, 2006

Mnay people write "chedk Id" on the back of their credit cards instead of signing them. I found this article on

What allot of you may know is a retailer can refuse to take the card.

I have attached the whole article below but here is the excerpt that advises they could be refused.


"As for the idea that not signing your card makes you less vulnerable to ID theft, Hopkins says simply that the practice is "urban folklore. If you write 'See ID' in your signature panel, the card is not considered valid and merchants are not supposed to accept it. If cardholders want to write that with a marker on the back of the card, that's all fine and dandy, but they should still sign the card."

MasterCard's Web site instructs merchants that "the back of the card must be signed, and the signature should reasonably compare to the cardholder signature on the sales receipt. Check to be sure that it has not been taped over, mutilated, erased or altered in any suspicious manner. The word 'Void' on the signature panel indicates that the signature panel has been tampered with."

Here is a link that might be useful: signing credit cards

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oops please excuse the typos I guess I should turn a light on :)

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I left my American Express at a restaurant about 5 years ago. Over $3500 was charged to my card that night at various stores around the city I had visited. I realized I didn't have my card the following morning back in my home town, and I cancelled it. I didn't have to pay for the charges, but I was still angry.

Since that time I've been more careful about keeping track of my cards anytime I use them.

About a year ago started printing 'See ID' on the back of my cards in lieu of my signature. No store has refused to accept my cards, and in many cases I was asked to present my ID with the cashier mentioning the 'See ID' printed on the back of my card. The 'See ID' trick has worked in my favor with not one refusal to take my card.

I slightly changed the way I signed my name about 3 years ago, and I mean slightly. I still had a credit card with my old signature, while my driver's license had my new, 'improved' signature. I picked out a DVD to purchase at Circuit City, and when I attempted to make my purchase, the clerk asked to see my ID. He paused for longer than I had expected him to, and then refused to accept the card because the signatures didn't exactly match. I'm sure the look I made was priceless. I suppose he was doing his job, but I wonder what went through his mind. Did he think that I forged my own signature incorrectly on someone else's new credit card that happened to have my exact same name? Did he think I made a fake license to use a stolen card, but didn't take the time to get the signature right? DId he think I made a fake credit card with my name on it, but didn't sign my own name correctly on the card? In the end, the manager I spoke with apologized, my card was accepted, and I got a humorous anecdote out of the ordeal.

Here-in lies the problem: There may be standard procedures for stores when it comes to accepting credit cards, but no store follows them to a 'T'. I tend to frequent the same stores, and each time I make a purchase a different cashier does things his/her own way when it comes to the credit card transaction. Sometimes they'll ask for an ID, other times they won't.

When and if merchants stop accepting my cards because I have not actually signed the back, I may change the way I do business. For now, however, I'll keep printing 'See ID' on my cards. If my wallet ever gets stolen, it will hopefully be harder for the crook to use my cards at a register. (This assuming the cashier bothers to ask for an ID in the first place.)

I've used my American Express to pay for meals at restaurants for 15 years. I have only been asked for my ID at a restaurant once, and that was a couple of months ago. The waiter said he asked for it simply because I asked him to by writing 'See ID' on the back.

It works for me!

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jamesrgeib's arguments make a lot of sense to me - if a store refuses to accept my card because I haven't signed the back ...

... nothing says that I have to buy their stuff.

Or - I can pay cash, if I have enough in my pocket (and really want that stuff).

But the clerk doesn't know that when s/he refuses the use of the card ... and neither does the manager, who really wants to make the sale.

Seems to me that the ball is mainly in their court.

ole joyful

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we do not accept cards that have "see ID" on the sig line unless they ALSO signed it. sure it ticks some people off, but it is company policy.

I myself have been in a store where they refused my card because i forgot to sign it. I simply asked for a pen, signed it, and then continued on with my purchase. what sense did that make ont eh store's part?

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Years ago when I worked retail if a charge card was not signed I asked the card holder to sign it in front of me and then show me another form of id. I did not accept unsigned cards. No one refused to sign their cards. And yes I would not have rung up the sale if they refused to sign their cards. It was/is a requirement that they be signed to make them official. NancyLouise

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Does that even matter anymore? When ever I buy stuff from stores they never even ASK to see my card. I take it out of my purse, swipe it and sign the stupid little electronic pad and put it away. They don't even see my signature on their computer screen. I didnt' believe this so a friend of mine signed something other than her name and they never even noticed.

I was out with my father once and he had a new card he forgot to sign. he hadn't even taken the sticker off yet and he handed it to the waitress and she said it needed to be signed. So my father signed it and handed it back to her.

I think the best thing to do is to go talk to your credit card company and ask for them to put that your ID must be checked when the card it used. They write this on your account somehow.


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I just sign mine AND write "check id" on it. I am very excited when someone actually tries to protect my safety and asks to see my id. But Renee is right, they hardly ever even look at the card. It's pretty scary.

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Those issues that several of you raised are (part of) the reason that they charge such high rates on account balances not paid in full when invoiced.

Like a couple of us said - you don't verify my ID, on a card that I haven't signed (but which has my name on the front) ... I can refuse to complete the transaction.

You can put the stuff back on the shelf.

Not many want to.

If you do - that's fine by me.

Like I said (I think) ... I don't use cards much.

I was surprised to hear on doing a survey the other day that 70% of people use credit or debit cards to pay for groceries.

I am surprised that some folks use credit (i.e. "debt") card to pay for about a $3.00 transaction.

Talk about paperwork!

And the storekeeper waiting to get paid.

And not getting the full amount that s/he bills, even when s/he does get paid by the card co.

ole joyful

P.S. Cash customers should insist on a discount.

o j

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"I was surprised to hear on doing a survey the other day that 70% of people use credit or debit cards to pay for groceries."

I usually never carry credit card debt. Unfortunately some unexpected expenses came up with the house after we closed, so I do have a little now.

However, I always use my American Express card for every purchase (gas, restaurants, groceries, etc...) At the end of the month I only have one check to write, and I pay the amount due in full. This works great for me.

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Just because someone looks like they pay groceries with a credit card doesn't mean they are.

I do, but it is a debit card. However I get charged using the debit function so I use the credit card function, which is free. This also comes right out of my checking account. (which makes no sense to me)

So I am using my own money and don't pay interest, however I have the same safe-guards as a credit card.

Now if your purchase is under 25 dollars you don't even have to sign anymore. I don't know if this is just a NYS law or around the country.

why would I go and take cash out (and get charged) when I can use my credit card function for free?

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I'm also a big advocate for credit cards.
There is probably less paperwork involved, since everything is done electronically and practically instantly.

And I doubt that the shopowner has to wait to get paid.

And less money goes missing. When I worked retail, there was usually a discrepancy between what is actually in the till at the end of the day, and what should be in the till. And no, I wasn't skimming. Human error happens.

And yes, the shopowner does have to pay a fee for credit/debit card purchases, which is then passed on to the customer (even the cash customer). But guess what ... using cash isn't free either. Imagine how much money is spent to replace destroyed, worn out, or lost bills and coins. And how much money is spent on trying to come up with new anti-counterfeit techniques. All paid for by the government, which is then passed on to the public through taxes. So by using cash you are costing me money! :)

I wouldn't be surprised if during my lifetime, cash is fazed out almost completely.

And in the next few years, I'm sure the signature on credit cards will be obsolete. It's pretty much useless now.

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I use a credit card for everything over $20 (including groceries) and pay it off at the end of the month. I only write an average of 2 checks a month. My bills are paid by auto draft, made my bookeeping easier.

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I have never written "see ID" on the back of my card, (it should be a requirement though), but I never sign it until I absolutely have to. I once had my wallet stolen and another time when I was in a hurry I left my card at the store. I was very fortunate both times that it wasn't charged! As scryn says, no one asks to see it now anyway, and all the stores I frequent use scanners. I use my debit card as she uses hers, with the credit function, so I don't have to pay additional fees. I think it is stupid to have to put your signature on something that is so easy to lose or have stolen. It is an issue the credit card companies need to address!!

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