Craftsman Garage Door Opener Drive/worm gear replacement

SheckyJanuary 16, 2011

Hi. My drive gear is shot on my Craftsman 139.53615SR - 1/2HP garage door opener. I ordered the replacement kit from Sears. I started the repair, but now I'm confused. I cannot lower the motor/bracket assembly because where the drive shaft passes through the motor support plate, there are bushings/collars? directly below the motor support plate. These bushings/collars are above where I removed the limit drive gear/retainer clip. The replacement sprocket assembly does not have these bushings/collars. The original owners manual does not show these bushings/collars. I could take and post a photo if that can be done here. Thanks!

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I think a picture would be great. You will need to do a search for "how to post photos."

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Thanks for the reply Don. Let me know if the link works or not. In the preview it shows one of 3 photos. Click on "Drop Box" or the photo to hopefully bring you to the Picasa album. There are captions to each photo. Thanks again! Drop Box

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Good photos. At this point you can remove the motor to make it easier to replace the worm gear. 4 screws hold it plus the 4 wires to the start capacitor and a white neutral wire. The gear and sprocket assembly is held in by 3 screws.

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Okay. Motor assembly finally removed. What I thought were fittings on the shaft below drive gear were actually integral to the plate itself. My next issue is lack of head-space clearance to pull out the gear and sprocket assembly. As I understand, I will have to unbolt the entire opener assembly from the ceiling to do this, unless there are other options. Thanks Don!

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If you don't have enough head space you will have to drop the motor end a little. You can usually rest it on the step ladder you are using.

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Thanks for all of the help Don - job successful! One thing I noticed before it was too late - I installed the gear sprocket assembly rotated compared to the previous installation. This caused the slot on the top of the sprocket support to be rotated - causing me not being able to install the plastic sprocket cover. I imagine the purpose of the sprocket cover is to keep dust out of the sprocket and to keep the lube from drying out. I need to figure out an alternative as I am not motivated to take the whole thing apart again.

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I don't blame you for not wanting to take it apart again. I would venture to guess 90% of openers do not have that cover. I wouldn't worry about it.

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I scanned in the actual printed instruction sheet for this repair, and put in my own pictures here:

The instructions explain about the chain tension. Example photo below is about making sure the RPM sensor cup is seated properly. Check out my "how to" page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liftmaster / Sears gear replacement instructions with pictures

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THANK YOU for this post. My garage door stopped working today and I took it apart and it looks EXACTLY like this (I have the same model opener). I am going to order a gear kit for it, and this post will hopefully save me a ton of heartache trying to replace it.

I registered for this site just to post here and say THANKS!

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