Snow Blower problem

nosambosJanuary 10, 2009

I have an ASAP question as it is still snowing and I have to do something fast. I had a fellow tune up my old Ariens 7HP snow blower and put on an electric start. I am not tall enough or strong enough to use the pull cord. He did a great job and at the time I could operate it without problem. I tried to really use it for the first time today. I pushed the primer button and moved the choke lever toward the right (back of the machine). The starter turned and turned but did not start. Now the starter is dead. I checked the circuit breaker that seems to be okay. What is wrong and what do I do next? Thanks

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There could be so many possible problems. Others may have different views on the are my thoughts...I'm not familiar with your exact snow blower Some have a battery and you may have run the battery down. Others connect to a 115v recepticle. If you kept cranking it, the starter motor may have over heated and tripped out on overload. Once the motor cools down, you should be able to crank it. Look to see if there is a fuel shut-off valve. Perhaps it is turned off. Do you smell raw gas? I have seen cases where fuel froze in the float bowl or fuel line also.

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I have a 8HP Briggs motor. When I have it in side (50 degrees) it starts on the first pull every time. when I have it setting out side it will not start. I took off the spat plug and set on the block and it dose have spark. I also took the gas hose off the carb and the gas runs out. could you give me some ideas on what to try?

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