Credit card fraud or theft

rich69bSeptember 22, 2006

My husband has a credit card with Shell citicards. He hasn't used that shell card for almost 2 years coz he used it only for gas rebate. When we moved to WI, the Shell gas stations are just too far out. We cut up all our credit cards, except for 2 visas for emergency.

Fast forward April 2006, we were planning to buy a house when we move back to CA (we moved in June), so we applied for a loan pre-approval. Our credit scores were in 760-799. We have not bought a house yet, but we did another credit check in August, Shell citicard put my husband's account in the collection for non-payment over 3 months. We never got the statements (haven't for the past 2 years since it has zero balance). Hubby said he never used it, remember we cut them all up? He called Citibank, they said they sent the statement in April to our old apartment in WI, which Post Office didn't forward to our current address then because they only forward letters for a year.

My husband asked for a copy of the bill and what were the charges, they said they'll send it and takes 5 business days. We waited but didn't get anything. Husband call them again, they misspelled our address, so it didn't get to us. But they sent us a bill with correct address back in Aug., but no explanation of chages. Meanwhile, collection agency sent us a bill.

We want to dispute the charges, but should we pay the collection agency now and wait for Citibank's explanation of charges? If we do, do we get a refund of the amount since we are disputing it? Oh, and my husband's credit score is now 680-720 because of that.

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Your mistake was cutting up the card without contacting Shell Citicard to have the account properly closed.

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Do not pay this, if you do when it turns out you don't owe it won't be easy getting them to give you your money back.
Call the collection agency and dispute, tell them you have no idea of this debt and want the statements.. File a dispute with the Credit Bureaus that are showing this as a past due. The original creditor must respond within 30 days or it is removed
How much are they saying you owe? It maybe possible that there could of been the annual fee that has grown with late fees.
They are able to send you the original statement that went out that will show the date and location of charges.
It is "squeaky wheel time"
If you want to cut up cards but not close the account it is important to do any address update.
Actually thanks for posting this it is a good reminder for me. It looks like we will be moving and I have to remember to call the cards we don't use.

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Yes, I realize that now. I didn't notify them of our address change.
It's $400 + now, including the late payment fees. It's not the annual fee, my husband is sure that we don't have cards that have annual fees.
That's what we're waiting for, the statement with date and location of charges. It's just taking forever:( I sometimes wish that my name was in his account, so I can talk to them. My husband is so nice and polite over the phone. And he wants to pay the bill, but I told him to wait until we get the statement.
Thanks for your advise.

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But you can talk to them. Just have you husband give them permission to talk with you. He can do it verbaly then send a fax so it will be noted on the account.
I handle all of dh's accounts.
Also I have helped many people get lower interest rates and payment plans when they were having money problems. All it took was them calling saying "so and so has permission to handle all aspects of my account" then hand me the phone

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You might be able to put this credit card on line, like I do with my two credit cards. That way you can see exactly what is going on, only in your case, the charges may be too old to go back that far. Yes you can talk to them when he gives verbal permission. But it might be only one time if your name is not on the account. If your husband goes ahead and pays the bill, it will still count against you, because of the collecion and late fees. You still need to review the charges, and notify the credit bureaus you are disputing this card.

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It sure isn't pleasant to get stuck with being "silent billed".

Which is another reason that I have only one card - and seldom use it.

ole joyful

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Absolutely don't pay the bill! That's what they hope for--screw someone's life up with collection calls so they get scared and pay. Then, good luck ever seeing that money again.

To say nothing of the fact that if you do pay, you're basically acknowledging that it was your debt, so it stays on your credit record.

Tell the credit card that the charges aren't yours, and that they're fraudulent, and then put a dispute/fraud alert on your credit records. Don't even wait for the CC to get around to sending the bills--since you know you didn't make the charges, they aren't yours.

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Good luck dealing with Citibank! They have been calling my # for months trying to connect with a man I have never heard of. I have no idea how they got my #!! When I pick up and try to clue them in, I just get a machine telling me to call so and so, and when I call, they don't answer!! I HATE voice mail!!

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Sorry for the ranting!!

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Pink -
Try getting a tele-zapper phone. When you answer the phone, it emits a tone that indicates that the phone is out of service and the auto dialer will hang up! Eventually, they stop calling.

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You might want to check with your state consumer agencies ( CA and WI) to be sure what your rights are, also check your cardmember agreement. I believe that it is federal law that you have so much time to dispute a charge, AND YOU HAVE TO DO IT IN WRITING (sorry for the caps but it is so important) but since you failed to notify them of your new address and didn't close the account, you may be stuck. Find out! Also when you call, ask for a supervisor right away. Don't wait for the company to get back to you. If you are going to start using the card again (well not that one since it is hacked or something) because you are now in a location that is convenient, perhaps the company will accept your explanation or cut you a deal if you were an excellent customer before in order to keep you as a customer. A similar situation happened to me when I moved cross-country and forgot to notify 1 card, and the post office did not forward their bill-- I found out about it a year later!! but we were able to work it out.

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