Cheapest checks?

xminionSeptember 19, 2010

Greetings everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with purchasing checks that weren't through the bank? I use to see inserts in the Sunday paper for companies that printed them - but not lately. Would like the cheapest!

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The cheapest I've found are Walmart.

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Are you a Costco member? They have checks, too.

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I often buy those $2.99 checks in the newpaper inserts. But last time I was looking for new checks I found that there are places that will print a photo on them, so I spent closer to $12.

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I've bought checks from Current years ago. They were pretty cheap, and I had no problems with them.

Now I bank with a Credit Union that provides me with free checks. They provide free online banking, too, which I use for paying most bills now.

Online bill-paying is pretty great, and saves $$ on postage, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Current

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I also used (and liked) Current,
but recently switched to a checking account with free checks and free online banking.

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Great ideas all! For years I got them free but times (banks) change.

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The cheapest checks IMHO are with using online bill payer, which either pays by electronic check or a paper check that the bank prints and mails for you. Saves postage too.

We use that for 90+% of the checks we write; we also have a box of paper checks that we use when we must hand a physical check to someone. We probably write only 2-3 paper checks per month.

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