Craftsman Garage Door Opener

rlafashJanuary 16, 2009

I attempted to open my garage door today. It is pretty cold. The door opened about three (3) feet and stopped. The motor hummed but the drive/door would not move in either direction. I removed the cover and found a large amount of white nylon/derlyn shavings. The drive gear has no teeth. The door springs are good. The door appears to be properly balanced; stays up; stays down; stays in position both half way up/down. I am thinking of replacing the Gear and Sprocket Assembly using the complete kit #41C4220A. Is there something else I should be looking for that caused the gear to strip or is this pretty normal for a fifteen (15) year old door. None of the gears in the opener assembly have ever been lubricated.

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Have 2 issues could use some help from anyone. Have a craftsman model number 139.53976SRt 1/2 HP. Was wondering if anyone knows if the sensors can be over ridden so as not to have to worry about them being out of alignment and the door still work? If not does anyone know how to hook up all the wires. The person that came over to try to do this took all the wires that were connected together apart and didnt remember what screws they all were on? 2nd am I right in thinking if I have a keyless entry pad that if I dont know the code that is assigned to it, if I press the red SRT button on the back of the motor then go enter a 4 digit code and press enter that it would be reprogrammed for the new code? And if so after entering the new code then I would just have to enter the new code again and hit enter button then the door should open? I would appreciate any help someone might have. Thanks in advance. Jeff

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jrt, start your own thread.

to teh OP, replace the gears, this is a pretty straight forwad and inexpensive fix.

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rlafash the gear takes the weight of the door every time it opens and closes. If your door is balanced and in good shape it probably is just normal wear of that gear.

jrt, white wire with red tracer to terminal 1, 3 solid white wires to terminal 2 and 2 white wires with black tracers to terminal 3. You have it right for the keypad.

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I have a craftsman garage door opener model 139.53914. I recently installed it on a single car garage door. It has been working properly until recently. Now, when I close the garage door, the door closes until there is approxiamtley a 1' opening remaining, then it will reverse itself and open back up, ending with the lights flashing indicating some kind of obstruction when there is none.

I've turned up the closing force all the way. The door closes now until there is maybe a 6" opening, but then will reverse and do the same thing. What could be keeping the door from closing all they way?

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If the lights are flashing 10 times when the door reverses it is a sensor problem. May have gotten bumped. Make sure they are aligned and the small light on each one is lit and not blinking.

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Sensors are aligned. ANything else it could be?

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Then you have a bad sensor or wiring to the sensors. Check to make sure the connections are tight at the motor. Nothing else will cause the main light to flash 10 times.

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As suggested, I replaced the Gear and Sprocket Assembly on our opener. Everything went well until the step which directs you to reinstall the chain and set tension. The instructions say "run the opener until the sprockest completes a clockwise cycle". When I run the opener, it runs clockwise about 2-3 seconds, then reverses itself running counter-clockwise for 2-3 seconds. The opener repeats this cycle every time it is activated. The sensors are properly aligned and lit, the limit and force switches are properly adjusted, and when changed in any fashion offer no improvement, and the opener light never flashes. I suspect the RPM sensor. Is that possibly the problem? All suggestions are appreciated.

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See your post under Tool Shed.

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Help is really appreciated.
I have Craftsman Garage Opener and I don't have the key for the Key Pad, so I wanted to set the key pad to open the door.
- I erased all the old closed by pressing the red/orange button on the Monitor for 6-8 Sec.
- I set the Key pad by pressing the red/orange button on the Monitor for 1 Sec and then entered 4 number pin and pressed Enter and the lights blink and the key pad works just fine.
-Now i started to set the car remote by pressing the red/orange button on the Monitor for 1 Sec and press the remote button, but the car remote doesn't work.
- Then I erased all the old codes by pressing the red/orange button on the Monitor for 6-8 Sec.
- I set Car Remote by pressing the red/orange button on Monitor for 1 Sec and then press the Car remote button and the lights blink and the Car remote works just fine.
- Now I tried to set the key pad by pressing the red/orange button on the monitor for 1 sec and enter 4 digit code and press enter, this dont set my Key pad.

I am only able to set either the Car Remote or the Key pad only, I cannot get to work both.

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I have a Craftsman garage door opener. The door goes up and down just fine. However, the lights don't work anymore. One light went out about a year ago (wasn't the bulb) and then the other has been flakey and now it doesn't work at all. The bulb wasn't burned out but tried replacing anyways. The old bulbs came out fairly easily, so I don't think I damaged the sockets. I can hear the
relay clicking, but no light.
Any insight?

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yogis one of your items has reverted to an earlier technology and they will no longer work with one another. I suspect it is your keypad. There is no cure but replacement.

kay6 unplug the unit and then using a small screwdriver reach into the socket and pull out of the middle contact of each socket. This may fix your problem.

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Thank you!!! That worked perfectly! I now have 2 lights working again!

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My garage door opened by itself. Then I closed it and then open again. Or once it is open is closes by itself.
I read that changing the codes would work but I did it and I still have the problem. The battery in the wireless keypad is 9.3V so it is OK. The leds in the sensors are on. The remotes work fine. Any idea of what it can be?.

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I have a 1/2hp model #139.53985. About 80% of the time when I open the door it comes up about 12" and stops, push the button again and it goes back down , push it again and it goes all the way up normally. It always goes down with no problem. I looked for any opstructions i.e. loose bolts or mis-aligned track there is none, The door works fine the other 20% of the time. Any ideas?

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fjcardenas the most common cause for this problem is a bad wall control or the wiring running to it. You can disconnect the wires at the control or you can remove the wire connected to terminal 1 at the motor unit to see if it will correct this.

pwiencek on the rear of your unit near where all those white wires go you will find 2 controls. One is the 'up force' and you need to increase this a bit. This can also be the first indications of a drive gear going bad. You can remove the cover and you will find it just in front of the motor. Should be obvious.

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I just bought and installed a 1/2 HP Craftsman GDO. It's the 315 MHZ technology. It works fine except that everytime I walk through the door when it's open and trip the sensors, the light comes on. I have the lights wired to several outside units for at night, and having them come on like that every time is a waste and a nuisance. Can I re-program this somehow to stop it?

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To turn this feature off, turn the lights off manually with the wall switch, then press and hold the LIGHT button for about 10 seconds until the motor unit light bulbs flash. To use this feature reverse the instructions.

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Trying to help my brother. He has a craftsman 139.53914 garage door opener. He has the inside wall control, two remotes and the outside keypad. Starting about two weeks ago one remoter quit working, then the other, and now the keypad. Door still operates from the inside wall control. He says all batteries are good. He has lived in the house about 12 years with no problem.
Any suggestions?

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