Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Opener Remote

klvaleriJanuary 14, 2009

I have a unique problem. The garage door opener works as it should using either the inside wall mount opener or the outside wireless keypad. It will not work with the original handheld remote or with either of the remotes that I have purchased recently. As a first step, I replaced the battery in the original remote. It didn't work. Next I purchased a new remote, but it had Security+ so, it didn't work either. Then I purchased an older model remote (box type with white buttons) since my GDO is about 7 years old and still it wouldn't work. It doesn't make sense...what could be wrong? My tenants are getting tired of getting out of their car to open and close the door. Help!

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If you have a 3 button wall control check to see if the light is flashing. If so, press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds. This is sometimes called the vacation switch and is used to lock out the remotes but leave the wall control and the keypad to work.

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I did check that and it is flashing. Any other ideas?

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The fact that the opener works with the keypad tells us the receiver is working. You didn't mention whether you had programmed either of the new remotes you bought. Did you buy the remotes from Sears? Make sure you have the model number off your motor unit so that you get the correct remotes. It is on the end opposite all those white wires and begins with 139.

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I did follow the procedures for programming the remote which I purchased from Sears and it matches the original remote. I didn't see any numbers on the unit though, so I'll have to go back and look. The other question I have is about all of those wires. We only have 1 garage door. There are 4-5 wires (those thin white and red wires)that go into the connectors on the opener. One was hanging loose so I put it back into a connector. Maybe it is in the wrong spot? I don't know how to tell which wire goes where, but white is in white etc.

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If you look real close you will find some of those wires are color coded. There should be 1 wire with a red tracer on terminal 1. 3 solid white wires on terminal 2 and 2 with black tracers on terminal 3.

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